Construction Fleet

At D'Amato we maintain a sizable fleet of more than 80 pieces of heavy equipment and countless pieces of support equipment and associated vehicles that are ready to service our customers.

Our vast fleet is made up of the following:

  • ATV's
  • Boring & Drilling Equipment
  • Concrete Batching Plant & Mixer Truck
  • Cranes, Forklifts & Other Heavy Lifting Equipment
  • Crushing Equipment
  • Custumized Project Jigs
  • Dumps & Dump Trucks (Trailer, Standard & Compact)
  • Earthmoving Equipment
  • Excavators (Large w/ Extended Reach & Depth Equipment, Mid-size & Compact)
  • Off-road Equipment
  • Pick-ups & Specialized Utility Vehicles
  • Rigging Equipment & Tools
  • Tractors & Mechanical Utility Equipment
  • Snow/Ice Removal & Winter Weather Equipment
  • Support Equipment & Associated Accessories
  • Support Vehicles
  • Vibratory Equipment

We boast a state-of-the-art service and repair facility that is fully stocked and fully staffed with certified and experienced mechanics. 

Our staff of mechanics maintain their DOT Inspector & Brake Qualifications allowing us to perform Federal Annual Inspections as well as scheduled maintenance and major repairs.

From routine maintenance to heavy repairs, our repair facility keeps our large fleet and heavy tools in top operating condition.  Our repair facility boasts top-tier technology for diagnostic and investigative approches to repair that allow our staff to find the root cause of a problem and fix it the first time.  We also provide emergency road service to all vehicles and equipment in our organization, resulting in less downtime and less cost to the customer.  With that being said, we are able to complete projects in a timely manner because of this complete in-house capability.

Boyd "Skip" Simonin - Service & Repair Supervisor

Jon Gaity - Service & Repair

Christopher Brandt - Service & Repair

Michael McGrath - Service & Repair