Projects & Services

We are a full service general contracting firm centrally located in Bristol, Connecticut specializing in the following:

Athletic and Recreation

From baseball to softball, football to tennis, our team has the knowledge and site skills to produce breathtaking outdoor sporting facilities.  Our interior crews are well versed in locker rooms and athletic facilities for educational, municipal and private use.


Banking And Financial Facilities

At D'Amato we understand the very unique needs of the banking industry. Attention to detail, professional decorum and strict privacy result in a quality project that is well managed and on time.  Our people are able to complete a remodel or addition to your facility while you remain open for business.  At D'amato our Project Managers and crew members are able to complete work while assimilating into your daily environment so that you need not worry about your professional image.


 Childcare Facililties
Our company has completed a multitude of daycare and childcare facilities throughout Connecticut.  Our interior crews understand that safety is not just a commitment but a priority, and our people are aware of national and state specific building codes and specific regulations involved in the childcare industry.  We are parents too, and we understand the care and attention to detail that it takes to create and maintain a safe environment for children.  Our crew members and craftsmen take extra special care in the details with little ones in mind.
Commercial Facilities

Large to small factories or process facilities, here at D'Amato we understand your needs and are ready to provide complex and tailored solutions.  No matter what your industry, we are ready to make your visions a reality.  The in-house engineering team can assist you in your design or complex questions to make sure that your new project can handle your specific requirements into the future.


Concrete & Specialties

Concrete comes in many shapes, sizes and colors, at D'Amato concrete is not just a task but a skilled art that we have mastered.  We have specialized in this craft for more than fifty years and we are known throughout New England for quality, detail, finish, level and plumb.  Our abilities in concrete are second to none and rival some of the most established firms.  It is our highly skilled and trained staff that make concrete our pride and joy.  From our secret methods to our patented tools of the trade, we stand ready for any concrete project regardless of size and/or scope.  Dream the impossible into reality with D'Amato and our concrete tradesmen.

Did you know that D'Amato Construction has a patented method to forming and pouring stairs?

Click Here to view this revolutionary apparadus called the Jer-stair, Patent #8376309

Educational Facilities
D'Amato stands ready to serve the educational sector both public and private.  From public schools to private colleges and magnet schools, our people understand the demands for quality and safety when around children and young adults.  At D'Amato, we understand the complexity and specific needs of today's modern educational facilities and we understadn what it takes to maintain possitive relationships with municipalities and other organizations.
Environmental Management

From gate houses to computerized valve systems and spillways to large full-scale dams and water retention systems, D'Amato has the expertise and the capabilities to tackle some of the most complex water projects around.  Our expertise also allows for large to small-scale underground tank removal and installation for oil and gas systems.  We also maintain a robust crew of licensed plumbers with many years of knowledge to provide our firm with an edge.



Versed in fast food, private restaurants and food courts we understand the scope of the food service industry and can provide a tailored solution.  Our people are professional, clean and ready to work in an environment where cleanliness isnot just a priority, but a way of life.


Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare is a very specialized service industry and here at D'Amato we understand the demands and the needs of the healthcare industry.  Depending on the type and scope of project a vast amount of preparation may be involved in order to execute.  Our people are involved and can make this process a smooth one.  Our people have the knowledge and decorum to work side-by-side with patients and stakeholders to make your vision a reality.


Heavy Highway
From new road and street construction to road resurfacing and bridge work, our site and concrete crews are ready for the job.   We possess the depth in both manpower and equipment to tackle the job.
When it comes to historical remodeling or rehabilitation trust the master carpentry at D'Amato.  Our master carpenters are fluent in old-world woodworking and manufactured materials.  Our staff is accustomed to the variables and the problems that go hand in hand with historical buildings and grounds.  When problems arise, we stand ready with solutions that have been time tested and mastered.
Industrial Facilities

Our staff understands the requirements of the large industrial customer and the overbuilt specifications of such facilities.  We have a vast portfolio of clients in this sector and stand ready to meet your specific design and build requirements.


Luxury Residential

When it comes to luxury high-end residential new construction, look no further than D'Amato.  Our company has managed and constructed some of the most complex and state-of-the-art residential facilities around.  Our management is well versed in a plethora of specialty subcontractors from all trades and can manage large amounts of complex undertakings with our strong leadership, understanding, technology and self-sufficiency.


Municipality & Government Facilities
When it comes to municipalities and government agencies, D'Amato is well versed.  Our people and our compnay have many long standing relationships with government clients and tenants.  We can provide your agency or municipality with a solution for your needs as well as provide you the transparency that you are required to have in your project specifications.  We understand the hodgepodge of regulations and processes that must be followed in government. 
Parking Management
From small to large parking lots to parking structures, we are experienced in the design and construction process.   We can design and build a parking solution that is tailored to your specific needs and application.
Petroleum Construction

Large petroleum and liquid propane storage bulk plants require complex preparation in design and approval.  We can provide construction and supervisory services to suit your requirements.


Sitework is a D'Amato specialty and our people and large-scale equipment stand ready to provide you with a quality finished project.  From baseball fields to water retention and vast grade changes, our professionals possess the technology and the skill to create a visually appealing finished project that is to scale, dimension and elevation.  D'Amato is known for quality, accuracy and visual appeal in this sector.
Treatment Facilities
With the ever growing demand for sewer and water, our people are ready for the challenge.  We are versed in large scale water storage and pressure tanks, along with complex computer controlled sewer and water valve systems.  From new plant and infrastructure construction to small and large-scale remodeling and upgrades, let us be your solution to your sewer and water problems.