At D'Amato Construction Co., Inc., we are committed to delivering exceptional construction projects through innovative and collaborative approaches.

By leveraging both Construction Management at Risk (CMr) and Construction Management as Constructor (CMc) delivery methods, we offer our clients a comprehensive range of advantages that ensure the success of their projects:

Early Collaboration and Input

With both CMr and CMc methods, D'Amato engages with clients, architects, and other stakeholders early in the project lifecycle. This allows us to provide valuable input on constructability, budgeting, scheduling, and procurement from the outset. By collaborating closely with all parties involved, we can identify potential challenges and opportunities and develop tailored solutions to meet project goals.

Risk Management and Cost Control

As both a CMr and CMc, we assume responsibility for managing construction risks and controlling costs throughout the project. Through the CMr method, we offer cost certainty by providing a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) early in the project, minimizing financial risks for the owner. With CMc, we further enhance cost control by managing procurement, subcontractors, and construction activities to optimize project costs and maximize value.

Value Engineering and Innovation

D'Amato employs value engineering and innovation techniques to optimize project costs and enhance value for our clients. By leveraging our expertise in both CMr and CMc methods, we can identify value-added opportunities and alternative construction methods to achieve cost savings without compromising quality. Our focus on innovation ensures that our projects are not only efficient and cost-effective but also sustainable and future-proof.

Schedule Optimization and Time Savings

Efficient scheduling is crucial to project success, and both CMr and CMc methods allow us to optimize schedules and accelerate project delivery. CMc allows even further schedule control since D’Amato self-performs key trades on site including demolition, concrete, carpentry, general trades, and site work. By developing detailed construction schedules and closely monitoring progress, we ensure that work progresses smoothly and milestones are met on time. Our proactive approach to schedule optimization minimizes delays and saves time, reducing overall project duration and costs.

Quality Assurance and Control

Maintaining high-quality standards is a top priority for D'Amato. Through both CMr and CMc methods, we implement rigorous quality assurance and control processes to ensure that all work meets or exceeds industry standards and client expectations. By conducting regular inspections and closely monitoring construction activities, we identify and address potential issues early, minimizing rework and ensuring a superior end product.

Transparency and Communication

Open communication is essential to project success, and D'Amato Construction Co., Inc. prioritizes transparency and collaboration throughout every stage of the project. By keeping clients informed and involved, we ensure that they have full visibility into project status, progress, budget, and schedule. Our commitment to clear communication fosters trust and confidence, allowing us to build strong partnerships with our clients.

Established over 60 years ago by Edward D’Amato, Sr., D’Amato Construction Company, Inc. has proudly served as a cornerstone of excellence in the construction industry for three generations. What began as a humble endeavor rooted in integrity, craftsmanship, and a commitment to customer satisfaction has evolved into a thriving family business known for its unwavering dedication to quality and innovation.

Our company continues to uphold the timeless values instilled by our predecessors while embracing modern advancements and sustainable practices. With a diverse portfolio of successful projects spanning municipal, commercial, and industrial sectors, D’Amato remains steadfast in its mission to build lasting relationships, communities, and structures that stand the test of time.