About Us

Welcome to our website. We hope that you find our information and services valuable. We are a company that has been in business for over five decades. Our company was founded with family principles that stand the test of time. D’Amato Construction Company, Inc. is providing the same superior service that we provided on our first day of business, with our very first customer.

Today our company is stronger than ever, boasting a talented and capable workforce to tackle the challenges of the current day. This workforce possesses the equipment, skills and technology, along with strong management that is propelling our success. We have no intention of changing the way we focus and deliver for the customer. We welcome new business, and if you are an existing customer, we thank you for your continued business.

D’Amato Construction was established in 1961 by Edward, his wife Patricia and brother Anthony (Tut) D’Amato, the Company later became incorporated in 1967 with Pasquale (PJ) D'Amato serving as Secratary.  Today, along with their father Edward Sr. -  Edward Jr., Thomas and Susan operate the daily fuctions of the enterprise and are welcoming the third generation.

Our company has the background and the expertise to complete a project on time with the utmost attention to detail. Our team of professionals are some of the best and most skilled in their respective skillsets. From sitework to utility work, to marine work, concrete, carpentry, specialties and plumbing, our capabilities are limitless and our talent is unmatched.

The D’Amato Construction Company, Inc. has grown over the years from a small operation to a far reaching organization with many repeat accounts dating back to our inception. With that said, we are here to tailor to your specific needs and build a lasting relationship.

America has seen times of progress as well as times of economic contraction and recession. The D’Amato Construction Company, Inc. is a strong company with a storied past. We are a company with a rock solid financial foundation and dedicated management, we have evolved from simple times to innovation and conservation in a highly technological society. Our company is here and ready to evolve for the next generation - so become part of our history and enjoy the lasting benefits of being one of our success stories today.

Edward A. D'Amato, Sr. - President


Pictured above: Anthony (Tut) D'Amato, top left and Edward D'Amato, Sr. & Arthur (Jack) Bright, bottom right.


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